Mediation and problem solving

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Lex Navicus Concordia provides advice to clients on mediation as one of the forms of dispute resolution. Mediation can be cheaper and faster, thus a more efficient way of dispute resolution in comparison to potential costs of litigation or arbitration, both monetary and potential reputational costs.

Lex Navicus Concordia may assist in mediation procedures for settling various disputes, including complex disputes where expert (non-legal) opinion may be required.  Such may be the case of mediation on a maritime casualty dispute, for example, ship collision, where our lawyers work closely with marine experts to deliver the highest quality solution.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting settlement agreements and enforcing them in courts, whenever voluntary performance is not made by one of the parties to mediation.

Legal problem solving in the modern world, where the value of time is constantly increasing, is an important aspect of a modern lawyers’ skills. Lex Navicus Concordia lawyers never stir up litigation. Whenever it is possible under the circumstances of the case, our lawyers find a legal solution to promptly solve the clients problem.