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Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with maritime matters across Russia. We have successfully protected the interests of Russian and foreign shipowners, cargo owners, fixed premium insurers and P&I Clubs in state courts and commercial arbitration (Russia’s Maritime Arbitration Commission) in insurance disputes, ship collision, general average, salvage, cargo and bunker disputes. We also practice in general jurisdiction courts in personal injury claims and offer correspondent services.
The shipping business is very international. Our firm works with maritime law firms across the globe, which allows us to assist in any coordinated maritime matter, where the interested parties are from multiple jurisdictions.



NAVICUS’ lawyers have extensive practice in maritime insurance. Our lawyers have successfully recovered insurance compensation for Russian and foreign shipowners from a number of Russian insurers in state commercial courts and in commercial arbitration (in particular, the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation). Our lawyers also dealt with complex insurance disputes involving insurance fraud and successfully established cases in all court instances, including the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation.
We have also assisted in amicable settlement of insurance claims.
Our firm provides advice on all aspects of insurance law, terms of cover and rules to shipowners and to major Russian insurance companies.
Our lawyers have extensive experience of working for P&I Clubs in providing legal advise, handling disputes in court, field work and generally correspondent’s services.



Shiparrest or arrest of bunkers or cargo may be the most effective measure to promptly settle a maritime claim or obtain security. Our lawyers have extensive experience of arresting ships and other assets across Russia. Certain types of claims (salvage, collision, damage to port infrastructure) allow the vessel to be detained by the harbour master for 72 hours, which may turn to be an effective means for prompt settlement or security and gives additional time to consider the tactics of the arrest.
NAVICUS Law Firm has a network of numerous foreign correspondent lawyers capable of arresting vessels across the globe. Not only we execute arrests, but also provide advice on the strategy of arrest of vessels, bunkers and cargo for the fastest way of obtaining a settlement or voluntary payment.



NAVICUS Law Firm can assist in immediate casualty response at any time on any day of the year. Our staff has experience in casualty investigations and is ready to attend the casualty site, interrogate crew members, collect evidence and interact with third parties, including state authorities, protecting clients’ interests whether being the owners, cargo interests, contractors, salvors or insurers.
Our lawyers deal with disputes arising out of collisions, groundings, fires, total losses, oil pollution, salvage, general average and limitation of liability.



Our lawyers dealt with numerous ship collision and allision cases of dry cargo vessels and tankers both at sea and in rivers.
We have unique experience in ship collision in ice convoys under the pilotage of nuclear icebreakers in the Russian Arctic.
We work closely with various experts, including experts in ice navigation, which allows us to understand and deliver important evidence to the court in support of our client’s position.
NAVICUS law firm would be a perfect choice for complex collision cases, including multiple vessel collision, collisions in ice convoys and on the Northern Sea Route.



It is most common that interests of parties from multiple jurisdictions are involved in general average. Our lawyers have experience in general average cases, acting on behalf of insurers, shipowners and cargo owners, both foreign and Russian.
Our firm can assist in immediate response and advise a party to the common maritime adventure whenever a general average situation is in question. We have provided advice to clients on the steps to be taken in the course of general average and have drafted non-separation agreements, average bonds and guarantees, with due account of applicable law, assuring their enforceability in Russian jurisdiction.
Our lawyers have successfully protected our clients’ interests in courts in Russia and assisted in settling general average claims amicably.
We have contacts with average adjusters and may assist in in collecting evidence and arranging for an average adjustment to be produced.



NAVICUS Law Firm can assist in immediate casualty response at any time on any day of the year in case of oil spills or other damage to the environment. Our staff has experience in attending oil spill sites, interaction with third parties – salvors, state authorities, crew interrogation and collection of evidence.
We have successfully defended ship owners and insurers in court in pollution cases, against public prosecutors, environmental authorities and negotiated settlement with response teams.



NAVICUS Law Firm can assist in matters relating to crew management and crew disputes. We provide advice to ship owners on current crew regulations. We also advise P&I Clubs regarding the relevant regulations with respect to crew and offer correspondent services such as repatriation.
Our lawyers have experience in acting on behalf of crew members in private and collective claims, and also on behalf of ship owners and P&I Clubs in personal injury cases or cases or relating to employment terms or payment.



NAVICUS Law Firm assists numerous creditors in the shipping industry in collecting all sorts of “maritime debts” such as unpaid premiums, fees, bunkers, overdue charter hire, demurrage etc.
Our lawyers are ready to assist agents, freight forwarders, cargo handlers, storage facilitators, ship brokers and traders however large or small the claims may be, and may offer special terms for dealing with a number of small claims.



NAVICUS Law Firm can advise on any form of charterparty – bareboat, time or voyage charters. Our advice is aimed at ensuring the enforceability of the charter parties and claims there under in the Russian jurisdiction.
Our lawyers have participated in drafting Bills of Lading for major Russian companies, operating specialized arctic fleet, as well as numerous charter parties and contracts of affreightment to meet the client’s special demands.
Our lawyers are also experienced in dealing with various claims under the charter parties such as demurrage and dispatch.



NAVICUS Law Firm has experience in both protecting carriers and establishing cargo claims against carriers. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with cargo claims covering the whole logistics chain for the carriage of goods by sea, road, rail and air and warehousing, from start to finish.



NAVICUS Law Firm has extensive experience in advising, preparing, reviewing, and amending contracts for ship sale and purchase, shipbuilding, repair and conversion. Our experience is not limited only to drafting and amending contracts, but also to coordinating and facilitating successful closings.
Our lawyers recommend and carry out due diligence prior to negotiation of the terms of the contract ensuring that all corporate or state approvals have been granted and all formalities met, thus to avoid the potential possibility of the validity of the contract to be challenged by the breaching party.



As it is an imperative provision of Russian law that only Russian companies can own/operate Russian-flagged vessels, we offer a full range of services necessary for the vessel to hoist the Russian flag.
Most commonly we register foreign-owned vessel on bareboat terms in Russia, parallel to their original registration abroad. However, the starting point is the consideration of corporate issues, financial flow and taxation, customs and other administrative regulations. We pay close attention to optimizing cash flows and tax mitigation and workout optimal schemes, which may also include the incorporation of a number intermediary companies, both in the offshore and Russian jurisdiction.
Following the incorporation of a shipping company in Russia, our law firm assists in obtaining necessary permits and licenses required for the operation of a shipping company and arranges for accounting services.
Registration may be accomplished in any of the Russian registries at any port in the Russian Federation.



NAVICUS lawyers have experience in the field of ship finance, working with specialized law firms in ship finance on complex ship finance projects when Russian jurisdiction is concerned.
We provide a variety of services in ship finance, from legal advice and contractual work, ship registration and recording of mortgage in the ship’s registry, to legal assistance in case of default, termination of vessel’s registration and judicial sale of vessels.



NAVICUS Law Firm provides advice to companies within the off-shore industry – drilling rig operators and owners, specialized fleet and equipment. We also focus on contractual work related to operation and hiring of drilling rigs and other off-shore equipment.
Our experience in serving the offshore industry is not limited to advising, but includes court work on disputes related to chartering and operation of drilling rigs and off-shore casualty.



The Northern Sea Route (NSR) is becoming more popular every year as an alternative to the Suez Canal route. Recent changes in Russian legislation significantly simplified the procedure of obtaining permissions to navigate the NSR.
The generally harsh weather conditions, remoteness of the region, lack of reliable infrastructure (safe ports, repair yards, drydocking facilities) and limited number of icebreakers under the operation of FSE “Atomflot” require careful evaluation of risks in course of preparation for the voyage and concentrated efforts with P&I Clubs and Hull Underwriters.
Our lawyers have advised foreign ship owners with regard to navigating the NSR and obtaining permission for navigation from the state authorities. We have also worked on negotiating more favourable contractual terms for ice pilotage of the client’s vessel by nuclear icebreaker with Federal State Enterprise “Atomflot”.