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Lex Navicus Concordia is ready to offer comprehensive legal support in bankruptcy (insolvency) proceedings of Russian organizations and individuals.

Due to the recent instability of the Russian economy, there is an increased risk of entrepreneurs failing to comply with their obligations to each other. Should one encounter such a problem, a possible venue is to commence bankruptcy proceedings against the non-compliant debtor.

Bankruptcy is a specific field. Its peculiarities include existence of special legislation, distinctive rules of business conduct, frequent interaction with public authorities, and a high risk of illegal actions by the parties to the bankruptcy proceedings. Because of this, the highest degree of professionalism and special approach to these cases from all parties involved is a must.

Lex Navicus Concordia partakes in bankruptcy proceedings throughout entire Russia. We have partnerships with bankruptcy administrators, and we have the capacity and the expertise to advise on the matters of white-collar crime that may arise.

One of our main advantages are our efficiency and our transparency that we provide in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Our experts advise on the management procedures of financial improvement, restructuring, and liquidation. We represent both creditors and debtors alike.

Finally, if need be, we may arrange for criminal or administrative prosecution of the debtor’s management, depending on the amount of damage.