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Konstantin specializes in commercial litigation and dispute resolution, shipping law, and international arbitration. His experience in shipping law allows for the best understanding of client’s problems and needs. Through Konstantin’s efforts, numerous ship sale&purchase contracts in Russia and abroad were successfully closed. Konstantin is a competent translator between Russian, French, and English. Being a grant-holder of the Government of French Republic and French Embassy in Russia, he also has several publications in shipping law and in the field of his PhD, which is comparative research of Russian and French law.



  • representing Russian and foreign clients within ships sale&purchase contracts negotiations, drafting and execution;
  • representing interests of Russian and foreign vessels crew for recovering large salary debts from ship-owners connected to the ships arrest and further sale by public tender;
  • representing interests of an international group of companies focused on logistics, cargo and marine worldwide services to the shipping industry by the way of assisting two arbitration proceedings in LMAA, London, for recovering of a large debt connected to the following recognition and enforcement of the arbitration awards in Russia with their further forced execution;
  • representing interests of Turkish group of companies in a debt recovering court proceeding from Russian ship-owner involving further bankruptcy procedure.



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