About us


Lex Navicus Concordia, or simply Navicus, is a boutique law firm based in St. Petersburg, Russia. We specialise in maritime and shipping law, commercial litigation and arbitration. We do both advisory work and dispute resolution. Our specialty is handling complex maritime law matters, in particular, ship arrests in Russia. We strive to deliver world-class legal service and we achieve that through the expertise of our leaders, Konstantin Krasnokutskiy and Maxsim Pavlenko, as well as our entire legal team.

Konstnatin Krasnokutskiy worked for Jurinflot Law Firm, Moscow, focusing on shipping law, marine insurance, and commercial disputes. Konstantin’s clients are mostly non-Russian companies (shipping, trade, venture companies, banks, and P&I clubs). Today, Konstantin is one of the leading maritime law experts in Russia.

Maxsim Pavlenko practiced in the Russian Far East acting for major regional businessmen and shipping companies. Maxsim has been one of the key lawyers in the Far East since the 1990’s privatization. He successfully represented clients in insurance disputes before the Russian Supreme Commercial Court and in defamation claims, appearing for a major shipowner against the governor of Russia’s Primorskiy region. Maxsim is also an exceptional specialist in corporate disputes and white-collar crime.



Lex Navicus Concordia brings world-class legal services to the Russian market. We strive to show excellence in every detail.  Our team constantly works not only to meet our Clients’ expectations but to exceed them by providing creative, professional and high-quality solutions.


“Customized. Outstanding.”


Lex Navicus Concordia sees its mission in providing outstanding legal services.

Our corporate values


We work to become one of the best international companies specializing in the maritime law.


We put our clients in the centre of our business to create the best experience for them.

High standards

We constantly implement high standards for our work to ensure that our service is truly outstanding in all aspects.


We support and value the diversity in our team and encourage the unique solutions of its members.


We recognize the importance of active citizenship.That is why we encourage our members to participate in events and organizations that support our community.


We recognize the imprint of our company on the environment we live in. As a result, we strive to conduct a set of green activities to become an eco-friendly business.


We have incorporated the standards of the International Code of Ethics adopted by the International Bar Association to deliver outstanding legal services to the client’s satisfaction.

1. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers shall at all times maintain the honour and dignity of their profession. They shall, in practice as well as in private life, abstain from any behaviour which may tend to discredit the profession of which they are members.

2. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers shall preserve independence in the discharge of their professional duty. Lawyers practising on their own account or in partnership where permissible, shall not engage in any other business or occupation if by doing so they may cease to be independent.

3. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers shall treat their professional colleagues with the utmost courtesy and fairness. Whenever “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers undertake to render assistance to a foreign colleague it is always kept in mind that the foreign colleague depend on them to a much larger extent than in the case of another lawyer of the same country. Therefore our responsibility is much greater, both when giving advice and when handling a case. For this reason “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers accept a case, provided that they it can be handled promptly and with due competence, without undue interference by the pressure of other work.

4. Except where the law or custom otherwise requires, any oral or written communication between “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers shall in principle be accorded a confidential character as far as the Court is concerned, unless certain promises or acknowledgements are made therein on behalf of a client.

5. “Lex Navicus Concordia” Lawyers shall always maintain due respect towards the Court. Lawyers shall without fear defend the interests of their clients and without regard to any unpleasant consequences to themselves or to any other person. Lawyers shall never knowingly give to the Court incorrect information or advice which is to their knowledge contrary to the law.

6. It shall be considered improper for “Lex Navicus Concordia”  lawyers to communicate about a particular case directly with any person whom they know to be represented in that case by another lawyer without the latter’s consent.

7. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers consent to handle a case provided that (a) the client gives direct instructions, or, (b) the case is assigned by a competent body or forwarded by anotherlawyer, or (c) instructions are given in any other manner permissible under the relevant local rules or regulations.

8. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers shall at all times give clients a candid opinion on any case. They shall render assistance with scrupulous care and diligence. This applies also if they are assigned as counsel for an indigent person. “Lex Navicus Concordia” Lawyers shall at any time be free to refuse to handle a case, unless it is assigned by a competent body.  “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers should only withdraw from a case during its course for good cause, and if possible in such a manner that the client’s interests are not adversely affected. The loyal defence of a client’s case may never cause advocates to be other than perfectly candid, subject to any right or privilege to the contrary which clients choose them to exercise, or knowingly to go against the law.

9. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers shall, when in the client’s interest, endeavour to reach a solution by settlement out of court rather than start legal proceedings. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers should never stir up litigation.

10. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers should not acquire a financial interest in the subject matter of a case which they are conducting. Neither should they, directly or indirectly, acquire property about which litigation is pending before the Court in which they practice.

11. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers should never represent conflicting interests in litigation. In non-litigation matters, lawyers should do so only after having disclosed all conflicts or possible conflicts of interest to all parties concerned and only with their consent.

12. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers should never disclose, unless lawfully ordered to do so by the Court or as required by Statute, what has been communicated to them in their capacity as lawyers even after they have ceased to be the client’s counsel. This duty extends to their partners, to junior lawyers assisting them and to their employees.

13. In pecuniary matters “Lex Navicus Concordia”  lawyers shall be most punctual and diligent. They should never mingle funds of others with their own and they should at all times be able to refund money they hold for others. They shall not retain money they receive for their clients for longer than is absolutely necessary.

14. “Lex Navicus Concordia” Lawyers may require that a deposit is made to cover their expenses and fees, but the deposit should be in accordance with the estimated amount of their charges and the probable expenses and labour required.

15. “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers shall never forget that they should put first not their right to compensation for their services, but the interests of their clients and the exigencies of the administration of justice. The Lawyer’s right to ask for a deposit or to demand payment of out of-pocket expenses and commitments, failing payment of which they may withdraw from the case or refuse to handle it, should never be exercised at a moment at which the client may be unable to find other assistance in time to prevent irreparable damage being done.

16. Whenever “Lex Navicus Concordia” lawyers engage a foreign colleague to advise on a case or to cooperate in handling it, are responsible for the payment of the latter’s charges except where there has been express agreement to the contrary. When lawyers direct a client to a foreign colleague they are not responsible for the payment of the latter’s charges.

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Our Office

Lex Navicus Concordia is located in the center of Saint Petersburg at the Smolny Park Estate nearby Francesco Rastrelli Square and the Smolny Convent.

Major administrative institutions are within walking distance from our office. The St. Petersburg Commercial Court and the Appellate Commercial Court sit 10 and 15 minutes away from our office. The new first instance commercial court is being erected just around the corner. St. Petersburg tax inspection and companies registrar, the land registry, the British Consulate, the Governor’s office, and the Saint Petersburg Region Government are also located nearby.

The Smolny Park Estate’s name is derived from ‘smola’, meaning resin. The place takes its name after local workhouses which have been producing resin for Peter the Great’s admiralty shipyards since the foundation of St. Petersburg.

A resin was an essential material in eighteenth-century shipbuilding ensuring the ship’s hull remained watertight.

In the XXI century as lawyers, we may say that ships float on paper.

Lex Navicus Concordia primarily specializes in maritime law and adjacent areas: our lawyers have extensive experience in international trade, transport, fishing, insurance, foreign investment, commercial disputes, corporate and financial crime, problem-solving.

While based in Saint Petersburg, we practice in Moscow and Russia’s regions. Lex Navicus Concordia has associated lawyers in Moscow and across Russia – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and Murmansk to Novorossiysk.

It is our policy to not charge clients for any travel expenses when dealing with cases in Moscow courts or commercial arbitrations such as the Maritime Arbitration Commission (MAC) and the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Our professional standards comply with the International Code of Ethics of the International Bar Association.

We render exclusive and complex services, fast, effective and creative solutions for corporates and individuals covering various jurisdictions and branches of law.